Monday, April 6, 2015

After 50 years researchers are still debating how JFK was assassinated. With few exceptions the discussion has been limited to two choices:  1) Lee Harvey Oswald was the shooter or 2) There was a faceless shooter on the grassy knoll. This author respectfully asks why the parameters of the discussion are limited to only two choices. Is there another explanation for what happened that day?

The answers to the following questions regarding the suspicious activity caught on the Zapruder film may be found in John Onesti's new book Assassination Point Blank:

1)  What actually caused JFK's initial distress when his Presidential limousine was hidden behind the street sign.
2)  Why no Secret Service agents were riding on the back of the limousine.
3)  Why Governor Connally had his body turned in such an awkward and unorthodox fashion.
4)  Why nobody in the car or plaza is seen ducking or reacting until the fatal head shot is inflicted.
5)  Why Clint Hill was the only agent to take action.
6)  Why William Greer slowed the car.   
7)  Why Jackie Kennedy climbed on the trunk of the car.
8)  Why the curb on the opposite side of Elm Street was marked with yellow paint.
9)  Why the grassy knoll theory is flawed.
10)  Whether Lyndon Johnson was involved and if so why he would allow his good friend John Connally to ride in a car about to be ambushed?
11) Why did John Connally move into the back of limo after the fatal head shot to the President?
12) Why was Governor Connally's clothes sent to Washington DC to be cleaned?
13) Why did the Connally family prevent forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht from examining the body after the governor's death in the 1990s? 
14)  Why Lee Harvey Oswald is innocent.

And finally,
15)  The identity of the real assassin.

In short, how specifically was the assassination pulled off and by whom?