Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Zapruder film

Abraham Zapruder "inadvertently" positioned himself exactly perpendicular to the precise location of the fatal head shot. The film was quickly sold to the east coast establishment's Life magazine the following day. Not until New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison subpoenaed the film in 1968 (and pirate copies were made) did this key piece of evidence circulate among the public. In 1975 Geraldo Rivera's late night show was first to broadcast it on national TV. And what happened to the other copies? They were given to the Secret Service & the CIA. Did the yellow paint marks on the curb opposite his camera help mark the spot? We may never know.

** As the film repeats notice gun smoke at 1:18, 2:09-10, 2:59, 3:46 & again at 4:35 which can also been seen in the Muchmore film (scroll down to view). Also, Zapruder's camera appears to pickup some muzzle flash next to the President's head. **

* In 1963 Life Magazine was owned by East Coast establishment elitist Henry Luce a member of Skull & Bones.