Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Back Cover Blurb

A web of secret societies, war profiteers, rogue intelligence operatives, and a planned drug war are just a few of the adversaries facing young charismatic President James Kelly.

In his valiant effort to save the United States from a nefarious future, Kelly finds himself battling an invisible cabal who in the end has surrounded him on all fronts.

An assassination is planned and Lew Ohlman is the cabal’s chosen fall guy, but who will actually pull the trigger? How and why? Will there be a team of faceless shooters stationed around the plaza and on the grassy knoll? And when Lew Ohlman temporarily escapes the conspirators, how far will the evil men go to cover their tracks?

With fascinating twists and turns, the assassin’s identity is finally revealed and with it comes an even greater mystery of the Luciferian occult rituals practiced by the powerful architects of the President’s downfall.

In the end, most riveting for the reader is the question of what profound insight “the fictional events” portrayed in Assassination Point Blank might offer in the actual assassination of President John F. Kennedy.