Sunday, November 30, 2014

William Cooper Kennedy the Sacrificed King (The occult aspect of the assassination).

In this video, William Cooper discusses the many aspects of the occult in the assassination of JFK, especially pertaining to Dealey Plaza. He has a few erroneous facts, like the number of years between the Papal Bull and the year of JFK's assassination which he says was 666 years (it was actually 656). Nevertheless it is still an interesting video. He was one of the first researchers to claim that the driver (William Greer) shot the President. While I dissent with some of Cooper's assertions (such as Greer's exact role in the assassination), his work is still intriguing and he was somewhat vindicated posthumously when Vince Palamara and Abraham Bolden published books with strong evidence suggesting Secret Service negligence and possible involvement in the assassination.

Here is a link to a comprehensive explanation of background information to understand precisely what Bill Cooper was discussing