Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Secret Service Stand down explained by researcher Vince Palamara

Vince Palamara clears up the confusion about which Secret Service agent(s) were called off the Presidential limousine by supervisor Emory Roberts. This is just one of many examples he has of how the Secret Service stood down on 11/22/1963 and allowed the assassination to take place. Read Palamara's book Survivor's Guilt for extensive evidence.
Vince Palamara's book Survivor's Guilt has forever changed the way the JFK assassination will be perceived. In it he proves not only negligence on the part of the Secret Service, but a stand down at Love Field and in the plaza and then a subsequent cover up. Over 70 agents are interviewed in the work.
Above: A bewildered Secret Service agent Don Lawton pulled off JFK's limousine at Love Field only 30 minutes before the assassination. It is just one of the important discoveries in Vince Palamara's book Survivor's Guilt.
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