Thursday, October 30, 2014

Grassy Knoll, Badge Man, Sewer Man are all Red Herrings in JFK Assassination

When the patsy Lee Harvey Oswald escaped Dealey Plaza (at least temporarily) he threw a monkey wrench into the plans. The architects of President Kennedy's assassination wanted to have Oswald killed on the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building. Had that happened, they could say "see, there is the crazed assassin, there is his snipers nest, and we had to kill him when he turned his gun on law enforcement." However, when this failed to happen, and Jack Ruby was forced to kill Oswald two days later, people began to question the official story - and it has remained that way ever since. Two lone nuts, two breaches in security all in 48 hours? It was hard to believe. Never mind the impossibilities of the feat the official story advocates tried to claim Oswald performed in hitting a moving target through a tree with an antiquated gun or his stated motives and curious background. The more one looked at the story the more one knew it was false.

Hence the other theories came into play. But what all these alternative theories seem to have in common is a faceless shooter stationed outside the car. Whether that shooter be on the grassy knoll or firing a gun from a sewer, the true perpetrators are still safe from persecution because the assassin remains faceless. On the bright side, these theories at least acknowledge a conspiracy of some sort. However the overwhelming evidence proving a government coverup does the same. After all, why alter evidence and seal it up for decades if everything is the way the official version advocates claim? For the engineers of the conspiracy, a faceless shooter and admission of a conspiracy is not as good as the closed-case of Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, but as damage control it still keeps them in the shadows, away from facing charges of treason and the justice of the gallows.

We have known for years that there was a massive coverup conducted by the FBI, Dallas Police Department and the Secret Service. The CIA has been known to have had a strong motive and to be one of the prime organizational suspects from a macro stance. LBJ has been another candidate and his appointment of former CIA Director Allen Dulles to the Warren Commission did nothing to alleviate suspicions. In fact, the overlapping of motives leads one to conclude that there was extensive cooperation among individuals and organizations for a common goal. But these are the motives and the macro view of the assassination, and as important as they are, they still leaves out the specific individual 'who done it' aspect of the coup.

As long as the attention of who done it remains outside the car, the JFK assassination will never be truly solved. Yes, one can say there is plenty of evidence to show a conspiracy and that the event did not happen in the way the official version advocates claim, but the entirety of the assassination will never be truly solved. Instead, discussions will remain centered on faceless shooters and what did not happen. The grassy knoll is the main alternative red herring. It satisfies the "conspiracy theorists" who will not swallow the Warren Report. The grassy knoll theory has enough merit to show that "the Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin" explanation is inadequate, which is true. But the grassy knoll theory (or shooter from the sewer or any other faceless sniper theories) does little in accomplishing anything other than acknowledging that Americans have been lied to and that there was a coverup of the truth, which one who studies even a cursory view of history should already know.

If researchers want to continue to fixate on faceless shooters, the truth will never be known and another 50 years will pass without much progress. The burning question now should be whether or not the specifics regarding the assassination can still be uncovered - anything less is a waste of time. As demonstrated elsewhere on this site there was a Secret Service Stand down, which proves foreknowledge. So not only do we know that there was cover up, as many researchers have shown, but we understand this coverup was not done to disguise incompetence. Secret Service involvement, extensively documented in the book Survivor's Guilt, and backed up by the book The Echo from Dealey Plaza, prove an inside job and should have researchers looking in and around the car. After all, two Secret Service agents were in the Presidential limousine that day. Why stop there? Why not look at the others inside the car? Why be satisfied with a faceless shooter outside the car? When one discovers that Jackie was employed by the CIA and remembers that the Connally's were good friends with the Johnson's, who both had strong motives to remove President Kennedy, it would be silly not to look inside the automobile. Roman Emperors were assassinated by family members with the help of the Praetorian Guard. Why is it impossible in the United States?

Good Night America show 1975. Geraldo Rivera, Robert Groden, and Dick Gregory.

The men correctly pointed out how the Warren Report was faulty, but did they leave researchers mistakenly stranded on the grassy knoll ever since?