Sunday, January 25, 2015

Operation Mockingbird: Mission- Dirty Up JFK - Repeat lies and Convince Public with Mind Control

Does the above photo of President Truman and Lauren Bacall "prove" Truman was a playboy? No it doesn't but when JFK is pictured with a beautiful woman, such as Marilyn Monroe, the public has been trained to believe that the relationships were sexual.

Stephen Mark Brown
A young LBJ
Pictured above right is Stephen Mark Brown (1949-1990). the alleged legitimate son of LBJ.  Learn more here Brown died before he was able to prove his claim in court, but his resemblance to LBJ leaves little doubt about what the outcome would have been.

Why does the media use a double standard when it comes to JFK and LBJ? There is no hard evidence of JFK being unfaithful, only repeatitive lies. Read the book 'Texas in the Morning' by Madeline Duncan Brown for more information.