Thursday, December 25, 2014

After Assassination Connally's Suit Sent to Washington DC for Cleaning

After the assassination of President Kennedy, Texas Governor John Connally's suit was sent to Washington DC for cleaning.
Pictured above is John Connally's suit jacket and shirt he wore on 11/22/1963. Was Connally hit by gunfire or was it staged? Exhuming Connally's body may provide the answer.
After the murder of President Kennedy, Texas Congressman Henry Gonzales pictured above with LBJ was ordered by LBJ to bring Governor Connally's clothing to Washington DC for cleaning. Interestingly, Gonzales later served as a chairman on the HSCA in the 1970s. Was Gonzales blackmailed or threatened by LBJ and the Texans? And how much did Gonzales know about what happened that day? We may never know. Researcher John Onesti believes the key to the assassination is inside the Presidential limousine. Click on the Zapruder loop tab and you will see Governor Connally begin to rise in his seat after the fatal head shot.