Monday, February 23, 2015

William Greer and the slowing of the limo

William Greer was the Secret Service Agent driving President Kennedy's limousine that day. Many researchers believe Greer slowed the car so a sniper could get a better shot, but would Greer and the other participants take such a risk? Mr. Onesti disagrees and believes JFK was killed from within the car. Could it be that the rifle shots heard in the plaza that day were distraction shots fired after the fatal head shot and that JFK was murdered at close range from within the limousine? If so, why then did Greer slow the car? Could there have been another nefarious purpose for his action? Greer and fellow Agent Roy Kellerman (in passenger seat) can be seen in the Zapruder film twisting around "rubbernecking," as researcher John Onesti describes disgustedly, at least twice to see the massacre in the back seat. Were they in fact checking to make sure the President was dead?

Notice Greer waits until agent Hill is securely on the back of the limo before accelerating the car. Was there a reason for this as well?

Adding even more intrigue was the mysterious death of agent Thomas Shipman a month before the assassination. Shipman was also a driver for the President. Could Shipman's death be related to assassination as researcher Vince Palamara has asked?