Sunday, December 14, 2014

Jim Garrison on Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison appeared on The Tonight Show in January 1968:

Jim Garrison had this to say in the above interview:

Jim Garrison: "I am trying to tell you that there is no question as a result of our investigation that an element of the Central Intelligence Agency of our country killed John Kennedy, and that the present administration is concealing the facts. There is no question about it at all."

Johnny Carson: "That is your opinion."

Jim Garrison: "No, it is not. I know it, and if you will just wait you will see that history will support this as fact." - Jim Garrison
Could Jim Garrison's statement made on national television in 1968 be prophetic?

Ask yourself who was the CIA employee in the Presidential limousine that day? - Jackie

Once again, Jackie's 1951 letter to Mary Campbell of Vogue Magazine stating that she worked for the CIA.
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