Monday, December 22, 2014

*** Other Researchers Believe Jackie involved in Assassination ***

While no two people will agree on everything, other researchers also believe Jackie Kennedy was involved in the assassination of JFK. Here is a link to UK researcher John Kimber's blog:
John Kimber's Blog

As far as I know, John Kimber was the first to post Jackie's letter to Vogue Magazine proving that Jackie did indeed work for the CIA. Kimber has also made other unique studies; even playing Jackie's speech at the Rice Hotel backward. Sometimes the greatest researchers are little known.

Kimber has made other interesting observations including a discussion about "Operation BlackJack" a "fictional" series in the London Telegraph Newspaper about false flag terrorist attacks in America being blamed on ISIS.

Interestingly Kimber explains that "Black Jack is a synonym for Black Jacob who is Satan/Lucifer/Horus: Operation Black Jack is thus Operation Lucifer. Leading Masons have admitted serving Lucifer , and here is evidence that the Masonic All-Seeing Eye symbolizes Lucifer (as well as Horus):

Of note, Black Jack was also the nickname of Jackie Kennedy's father John "Black Jack" Bouvier and also the black riderless horse that marched in JFK's funeral procession.

Black Jack was the name of the riderless horse at JFK's funeral.  John "Black Jack" Bouvier was Jackie's father.

Pictured above, the holy widow Jackie walks behind caisson at JFK's funeral. It was her idea to walk at the funeral. If she wasn't involved, how could she be so confident after being shot at by snipers in Dealey Plaza only a couple of days before?

Other researchers, including Dr. Neville Thomas Jones, also finger Jackie as the assassin. See the website Reality Reviewed for his work.