Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Altgens Photo

Observe the Secret Service Agents in the Follow-Up car. Notice that the agents on the passenger side running boards are looking back toward the TSBD building. Meanwhile, Clint Hill (the agent on the driver's side front running board) is looking forward in the direction of the Presidential limousine, as is his supervisor (ATSAIC) Emory Roberts seated in the front passenger seat. Did Roberts and Hill know that secret to the conspiracy and the real action was to occur inside JFK's limo instead of in the TSBD or grassy knoll? Did Emory Roberts, who called agent Don Lawton off the limousine at Love Field know that JFK would be assassinated from within the car? Did Roberts direct the agents on the passenger side to look back knowing full well where the "patsy" Lee Harvey Oswald would be positioned? And what about Clint Hill? What was his role in the betrayal?

Also, keep in mind by this point the President is said to have been hit by a sniper but nobody in and around the car is acting as if guns are being fired in the plaza, at least not yet. Only JFK can be seen reacting. What was it that caused his initial distress?