Friday, December 26, 2014

The Questions JFK Assassination Researchers Cannot Answer

Warren Commission and Grassy Knoll advocates of the JFK assassination have questions that they cannot answer. Both groups insist that a sniper or snipers killed JFK from location(s) around the plaza. But they cannot answer why it is that nobody in and around the car can be seen ducking until AFTER the fatal head shot. Also, many of these same people claim that the Secret Service Driver, William Greer, slowed the limousine so that sniper(s) could get a good shot at the President. However anybody with a brain should ask the question, if this were the case wouldn't Greer have been concerned about being hit himself? And wouldn't there be a "safer" way to conduct the assassination? Furthermore, many of these same researchers say that LBJ had foreknowledge of the assassination, (which he most definitely did) but they can't explain why LBJ would have his good friend, and campaign manager, John Connally in a car about to be ambushed. Finally there is the question of why Jackie climbed on the back of the car. Most researchers give nonsense answers like "she was retrieving brain matter off the trunk," or that "she was trying to get away." But it seems to this researcher that sprawling out on the trunk would make her a better target if there were indeed snipers firing live rounds at the car. Interestingly, none of these "researchers" who love Jackie so much have ever mentioned a letter Jackie wrote in 1951 stating that she was a CIA employee. Not until UK researcher John Kimber laid down the trump card by posting the letter online has it been admitted that Jackie was CIA. Now these same researchers are trying to downplay its importance. Too late for that because it is checkmate. Exhuming John Connally's body will prove that Connally was never hit and that all the people inside the car were involved in the assassination.

The stripping of security at Love Field just 30 minutes before the assassination. This proves foreknowledge and a stand down.

John Connally was LBJ's good friend. Why would LBJ allow his buddy to be in a car about to be fired upon? Was the limo ambushed in the way most think? Was Connally actually hit? Researcher John Onesti doesn't think so.

William Greer slowed the car, but did he do this so that a sniper could get a good shot or did he have another reason? Shouldn't Greer have been concerned about being hit himself? One would have to think so, unless the shots heard in the plaza were distraction shots and JFK was killed at close range from inside the car with a handgun. If such were the case, Greer, Connally and the others in the car did not take any risk.

The three amigos: Hill, Kellerman and Greer. Researcher John Onesti believes all three had a role to play that day.

Jackie was a CIA employee. She even wrote a letter confirming this to be true. In Dealey Plaza she sprawled her entire body out onto the back of the car, making herself a better target for snipers - or did she have another purpose for her strange behavior? Researcher John Onesti believes that Clint Hill knows the real reason for Jackie's bizarre actions. Adding to the intrigue, a couple days later Jackie convinced others to walk with her behind JFK's caisson at his funeral. Shouldn't she have been concerned about her safety? - Not if she knew how he was assassinated!

The answers to the above questions make no sense unless one realizes that the secrets to the JFK assassination are inside the Presidential limousine. Therein lies checkmate. Outside the limousine is chaos and a never-ending stalemate consisting of faceless shooters on the knoll and the patsy Lee Harvey Oswald running from the Texas School Book Depository. Outside the car is exactly where disinformation advocates want to keep you!

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