Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Jackie Bouvier (Kennedy) - CIA?

As incredible as it may seem, there is evidence to prove that Jacqueline Bouvier (later Kennedy and then Onassis) worked for the CIA.

Here is a handwritten letter from May 1, 1951* that Jackie Bouvier wrote to Mary Campbell of Vogue Magazine after winning Vogue's Prix de Paris . In the letter, she mentions her involvement in a special project with the CIA:
(Notice in the letter that right after the underlined sentence "I am not eligible for the 1st prize" it reads: "I have talked to the man in [the] CIA")
*UK researcher John Kimber threw the gauntlet down on other assassination researchers when he published the sensational letter above on his blog. They've been as speechless as infants ever since. The letter may be viewed in its entirety at the JFK Library in Massachusetts.
Below is a photo of Jackie after she assaults and flips a man to the ground. Jackie lied and said she wasn't at the scene - until another picture (below) turned up which shows her face. The obnoxious paparazzi may have deserved a lesson, but one should ask if Jackie received some martial arts training while in the CIA. More importantly, after being caught lying on numerous occasions, Jackie's integrity is proven to be questionable.
In this picture below we see that the martial arts expert is indeed Jackie:

Jackie a spy? According to the book Dreaming in French, by Alice Kaplan, after college graduation, Jackie asked her step father, Hugh D. Auchincloss to talk with CIA Director Allen Dulles about obtaining her a job in the CIA.

Holy Widow or Black Widow? After JFK's assassination, Jackie was the recipient of great sympathy and admiration, but was there more to her than the media tells us?
Here is Jackie's biography on IMBD's website. It mentions her taking a job with the CIA. Does Hollywood know secrets about the former first lady that others don't?
Gore Vidal was Jackie's older step brother. He had many interesting things to say about her, especially in his memoir Palimpsest. Vidal mentions that when Jackie was sick with cancer doctors drilled holes in her head to insert radium or some other element ostensibly to treat cancer. Is that what they were indeed doing?

Below is page 308 from Gore Vidal's memoir Palimpsest. Notice he mentions a hole being drilled in Jackie's head: 
MK-Ultra & implants
 * Coincidence or not, May 1 is the Satanic holy day known as Beltane.