Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jackie Kennedy - A woman of class or a thief?

Was Jackie Kennedy as classy as many people think? Read the following account of her stealing a gold cigarette lighter from a wealthy host's home. Nobody believed the host until the cigarette lighter turned up later at a Sotheby's auction after Jackie's death.

Above: Jackie and Aristotle Onassis whom she married in 1968 after the death of RFK. People often forget that, much to the chagrin of JFK and RFK, the "classy" Jackie went on a Greek cruise on Onassis' yacht the Christina in October of 1963, just a month before her husband's assassination.

Robert David Lion Gardiner, a wealthy socialite known as the Lord of Manor observed Jackie stealing his wife's gold cigarette lighter at a dinner party in his home. Few believed Gardiner until the lighter turned up years later at a Sotheby's auction after Jackie's death.

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Also see C. David Heymann's book Bobby and Jackie for an account of this incident.