Sunday, January 18, 2015

More Curious Company - Jackie and Charles Whitehouse

From Sarah Bradford's book America's Queen, Jackie is pictured here with Charles Whitehouse.

Who was Charles Whitehouse? He was a Yale graduate, Skull & Bones member and worked for the CIA. Like the Bush, Harriman and Lodge families, he was part of the East Coast Establishment. At Yale he was a classmate of William F. Buckley.  Later, he was appointed ambassador to two SE Asian countries around the time of the Vietnam conflict and at the height of the Golden Triangle drug trafficking period. Jackie often stayed in Virginia on a rented estate close to the CIA headquarters.

* Whitehouse was ambassador to Laos from 1973-1975 (appointed by Richard Nixon) and ambassador to Thailand from 1975-1978 (appointed by Gerald Ford).
** Charles Whitehouse shares the same middle name as Prescott Bush (Sheldon). Are the two Skull and Bones & CIA men related?