Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Portrayal of JFK's assassination controlled from the beginning

Jackie and the architects of the conspiracy attempted to control every aspect of the assassination's aftermath. This was all done for their benefit, including the creation of Camelot, the romanticized fairytale account of the Kennedy administration. Jackie hired William Manchester and gave him the exclusive access to interviews in order to tell the story the way she wanted it told.  Later, she actually filed an injunction against him because he wanted to publish the book serially. Jackie claimed the book was only to be created for the JFK library. Evidently Manchester was not following her orders 100%. He nearly had a nervous breakdown trying to please Jackie.
Above: William Manchester was chosen by Jackie to write the exclusive portrayal of her husband's assassination.
Jim Bishop, the author of The Day Kennedy was Shot
Author Jim Bishop had problems with Jackie when he announced his intent to write a separate account of the assassination. Jackie threatened to block Bishop's access to interviews and to even sue him.