Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Secret Service was Warned before the Assassination

As early as the summer of 1961 Secret Service Agent Abraham Bolden warned his superiors about the safety of President Kennedy. Bolden worked out of the office in Chicago, but he served on the White House detail in Washington DC long enough to make some disturbing observations.  

Bolden experienced racial discrimination while in his position, but the big trouble really kicked into high gear for him after JFK's assassination when Bolden contacted the Warren Commission to discuss what he knew about the Secret Service in Washington. Shortly thereafter, he was framed of a crime and put in prison. Bolden is a hero who tried his best to prevent harm to President Kennedy. However in the upside down Satanic-run world, he was turned into a felon by corrupt psychopaths who helped cover the tracks of the evil architects of the conspiracy. His experience is described in his book The Echo from Dealey Plaza.