Tuesday, January 20, 2015

George de Mohrenschildt - Jackie's "Uncle George"

In addition to being a geologist and petroleum engineer, the mysterious George de Mohrenschildt dated Janet Bouvier (Jackie Kennedy's mother) and was referred to as "Uncle George" by Jackie (then 9 years old) and her younger sister Lee. Decades later de Mohrenschildt befriended Lee Harvey Oswald (about a year before the assassination) and also worked for oil man Clint Murchison and Aristotle Onassis on their project in Haiti. Adding to the Russian's intriguing connections was that he was associated with Allen Dulles, "friends" with George H.W. Bush as well as Abraham Zapruder. Thought by many to be one of Oswald's CIA handlers, he later died a mysterious death.

de Mohrenschildt - Jackie - Oswald - Onassis - Murchison - Bush - Dulles - Zapruder - Janet Bouvier - Ruth Paine...On and on... 

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