Friday, January 9, 2015

An Assassination Rehearsal?

In Secret Service Agent Gerald Blaine's book, The Kennedy Detail, Blaine describes a film made by White House Photographer, Robert Knudsen, that included the Presidential limousine, the First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, and 6 Secret Service Agents. According to Blaine, the men participated in the film upon the request of Jackie Kennedy. What was the subject of their little skit? - The murder of the JFK! Some of the agents laughed about it afterward.

For details on the film Blaine describes being created on Hammersmith Farm on the weekend of September 21, 1963 see pages 130-134 of The Kennedy Detail. Blaine's book is a "blame the victim" piece that attempts to excuse the guilty and incompetent Secret Service in JFK's death, but the revelations on page 130-134 are worth a look. It was a best seller, so you should be able to view it in your library for free.