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Was the JFK assassination more than a conspiracy? Could it also have been an inside job involving those in and around the car, and is it still possible to solve the greatest mystery of the 20th century? Read John Onesti's new book Assassination Point Blank to find out.

"There is a way prove or disprove my theory and solve the matter once and for all."
- John Onesti - Interviewed by host Brian Treybig. 

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 John Onesti discussing little noticed activity in the Zapruder film

Here's what people are saying about John Onesti and the theory in his phenomenal underground best selling book Assassination Point Blank...

"Brilliant...The very best factual novel ever written on the JFK assassination." - Vince Palamara, Civilian Expert on the Secret Service and author of Survivor's Guilt: The Secret Service and the Failure to Protect President Kennedy.

"It blew me away...shocked is an understatement. [It was] a different perspective on anything I've ever read on the JFK assassination." - Michael Herzog, Radio show host, Private Investigator, and pilot - The American Awakening Show

"Startlingly provocative..." - Ted, Chicago, IL

"This is news to me....I've never heard this before...My goodness, a lot of this stuff is new to me...It's just amazing, you've gone down a couple of paths here that we've never touched on and we've done so many shows on this. We're going to have to have you back." - Dave Hodges, Radio Show Host, The Common Sense Show

"I'll never view the JFK assassination the same..." - Amazon Customer

"This was a darn good book about the JFK murder in Dallas."
- Dennis J. Mccabe, Weymouth, MA

"[Assassination Point Blank] is totally awesome...very little of this is fiction...Get a copy of Assassination Point Blank one of the best books I've read...you will not put this book down."
- Erskine, host of Erskine Overnight

"A must read. Eerie, frightening, revealing. A sober reminder of the lengths and depths to which evil goes to obtain riches in this world. But what does it profit a man to gain the world but lose your soul?"
- Cheryl Riedmiller

"Awesome - best fictional book ever on the JFK assassination in over 50 years! A lot of truth! Jackie was CIA"- Anonymous, Barnes & Noble reviewer   

"A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on." 
- John F. Kennedy

Assassination Point Blank reaches Amazon's top 100 in the intelligence & espionage category: