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Assassination Point Blank - An Amazon Best Seller

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Back Cover Blurb

A web of secret societies, war profiteers, rogue intelligence operatives, and a planned drug war are just a few of the adversaries facing young charismatic President James Kelly.

In his valiant effort to save the United States from a nefarious future, Kelly finds himself battling an invisible cabal who in the end has surrounded him on all fronts.

An assassination is planned and Lew Ohlman is the cabal’s chosen fall guy, but who will actually pull the trigger? How and why? Will there be a team of faceless shooters stationed around the plaza and on the grassy knoll? And when Lew Ohlman temporarily escapes the conspirators, how far will the evil men go to cover their tracks?

With fascinating twists and turns, the assassin’s identity is finally revealed and with it comes an even greater mystery of the Luciferian occult rituals practiced by the powerful architects of the President’s downfall.

In the end, most riveting for the reader is the question of what profound insight “the fictional events” portrayed in Assassination Point Blank might offer in the actual assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Monday, April 6, 2015

After 50 years researchers are still debating how JFK was assassinated. With few exceptions the discussion has been limited to two choices:  1) Lee Harvey Oswald was the shooter or 2) There was a faceless shooter on the grassy knoll. This author respectfully asks why the parameters of the discussion are limited to only two choices. Is there another explanation for what happened that day?

The answers to the following questions regarding the suspicious activity caught on the Zapruder film may be found in John Onesti's new book Assassination Point Blank:

1)  What actually caused JFK's initial distress when his Presidential limousine was hidden behind the street sign.
2)  Why no Secret Service agents were riding on the back of the limousine.
3)  Why Governor Connally had his body turned in such an awkward and unorthodox fashion.
4)  Why nobody in the car or plaza is seen ducking or reacting until the fatal head shot is inflicted.
5)  Why Clint Hill was the only agent to take action.
6)  Why William Greer slowed the car.   
7)  Why Jackie Kennedy climbed on the trunk of the car.
8)  Why the curb on the opposite side of Elm Street was marked with yellow paint.
9)  Why the grassy knoll theory is flawed.
10)  Whether Lyndon Johnson was involved and if so why he would allow his good friend John Connally to ride in a car about to be ambushed?
11) Why did John Connally move into the back of limo after the fatal head shot to the President?
12) Why was Governor Connally's clothes sent to Washington DC to be cleaned?
13) Why did the Connally family prevent forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht from examining the body after the governor's death in the 1990s? 
14)  Why Lee Harvey Oswald is innocent.

And finally,
15)  The identity of the real assassin.

In short, how specifically was the assassination pulled off and by whom?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

John Onesti Analyzes the Zapruder Film Part I

JFK Assassination researcher John Onesti discusses the strange behavior of those in and around the Presidential limousine that day in Dealey Plaza. He's not buying the official version or grassy knoll theory, and neither should you.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

John Onesti Analyzes the Zapruder Film Part 2

Is there still a chance to solve the JFK assassination? John Onesti continues his discussion of the strange behavior in the plaza and a way to gain further insight into the greatest mystery of the 20th century. His book 'Assassination Point Blank' is available on

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Another look at the film in Super Slow motion

Nobody in the car ducks until the after fatal head shot. Also, notice the Governor move about the car after the head shot. He said he was unconscious, yet he can be seen moving in the car. Why? What was he doing? Also of note, his clothes he wore that day were sent to DC for cleaning. Why? Interestingly in the 1990s when he died his family did not want his body examined. Why? And what about his wife's clothes? And why did their son-in-law Robert Allen Hale break into Judith Campbell (Exner)'s apartment the year before? There are a lot of questions that need answering.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Zapruder Film Frame by Frame

Watch Governor Connally after the fatal head shot.

What exactly happens to President Kennedy while his limousine is hidden behind the street sign? Most researchers claim he was hit by gunfire, yet nobody in and around the car can be seen reacting (ducking, etc.). Also of note, no back wound was observed at Parkland Hospital in Dallas. It was only "discovered" later at Bethesda Naval Hospital after the body was illegally taken from Texas. While at Parkland a seemingly unnecessary tracheotomy was performed on Kennedy's neck making what really happened even more difficult to discern. Is it possible JFK's body, the murder weapon and killer were all on the plane that flew out of Dallas that evening?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Zapruder film

Abraham Zapruder "inadvertently" positioned himself exactly perpendicular to the precise location of the fatal head shot. The film was quickly sold to the east coast establishment's Life magazine the following day. Not until New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison subpoenaed the film in 1968 (and pirate copies were made) did this key piece of evidence circulate among the public. In 1975 Geraldo Rivera's late night show was first to broadcast it on national TV. And what happened to the other copies? They were given to the Secret Service & the CIA. Did the yellow paint marks on the curb opposite his camera help mark the spot? We may never know.

** As the film repeats notice gun smoke at 1:18, 2:09-10, 2:59, 3:46 & again at 4:35 which can also been seen in the Muchmore film (scroll down to view). Also, Zapruder's camera appears to pickup some muzzle flash next to the President's head. **

* In 1963 Life Magazine was owned by East Coast establishment elitist Henry Luce a member of Skull & Bones.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Sneaky Governor

In this frame you can see Governor Connally rising up in the car. He was supposed to be fatally wounded and unconscious. He seems to be moving around quite well for a man with a baseball sized wound in his chest. Is this a reason why the Orville Nix film was altered? Was the Nix film changed to prevent a reverse angle of what was happening in the car (in addition to cutting out the grassy knoll). Orville Nix said the film was not the same when it was returned to him. Would we have seen Governor Connally moving about the car more clearly in the Nix film? Is that a reason why it was altered? What really happened in the car that day? Find out in my new book, Assassination Point Blank.

Here is the same frame with arrows.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Marie Muchmore Film

As in the Zapruder film, for a split second a thin trail of gray-white gun smoke can be detected above President Kennedy's head immediately after the fatal shot (film repeats - observe gun smoke at 0:02, 0:09, 0:15-16, 0:21 & 0:29).

Bullets don't create smoke - burning gunpowder exiting gun barrels does. Two factors increasing the amount of gun smoke is how dirty the powder burns and if there is an opening for air to enter the barrel after the shot is fired. Interestingly, revolvers such as the .38 snub nose revolver issued to Secret Service agents have a gap between the cylinder and the barrel and would allow for air to enter. They are also easy to conceal.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

JFK Assasination The Orville Nix Film

The Orville Nix film provides viewers a second angle to the Zapruder film. Both help to disprove the official version of events,. For most, that leaves a faceless shooter on the grassy knoll as the only alternative; creating more questions than answers. But is there a third possibility? And was the Nix film altered to hide what was transpiring inside the car?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Altgens Photo

Observe the Secret Service Agents in the Follow-Up car. Notice that the agents on the passenger side running boards are looking back toward the TSBD building. Meanwhile, Clint Hill (the agent on the driver's side front running board) is looking forward in the direction of the Presidential limousine, as is his supervisor (ATSAIC) Emory Roberts seated in the front passenger seat. Did Roberts and Hill know that secret to the conspiracy and the real action was to occur inside JFK's limo instead of in the TSBD or grassy knoll? Did Emory Roberts, who called agent Don Lawton off the limousine at Love Field know that JFK would be assassinated from within the car? Did Roberts direct the agents on the passenger side to look back knowing full well where the "patsy" Lee Harvey Oswald would be positioned? And what about Clint Hill? What was his role in the betrayal?

Also, keep in mind by this point the President is said to have been hit by a sniper but nobody in and around the car is acting as if guns are being fired in the plaza, at least not yet. Only JFK can be seen reacting. What was it that caused his initial distress?

Monday, February 23, 2015

William Greer and the slowing of the limo

William Greer was the Secret Service Agent driving President Kennedy's limousine that day. Many researchers believe Greer slowed the car so a sniper could get a better shot, but would Greer and the other participants take such a risk? Mr. Onesti disagrees and believes JFK was killed from within the car. Could it be that the rifle shots heard in the plaza that day were distraction shots fired after the fatal head shot and that JFK was murdered at close range from within the limousine? If so, why then did Greer slow the car? Could there have been another nefarious purpose for his action? Greer and fellow Agent Roy Kellerman (in passenger seat) can be seen in the Zapruder film twisting around "rubbernecking," as researcher John Onesti describes disgustedly, at least twice to see the massacre in the back seat. Were they in fact checking to make sure the President was dead?

Notice Greer waits until agent Hill is securely on the back of the limo before accelerating the car. Was there a reason for this as well?

Adding even more intrigue was the mysterious death of agent Thomas Shipman a month before the assassination. Shipman was also a driver for the President. Could Shipman's death be related to assassination as researcher Vince Palamara has asked?

Friday, February 20, 2015

John Connally interview from Parkland Hospital

John Connally's interview from Parkland Hospital. He's talking pretty good for a man who claims he's been shot in the chest and almost bled to death. Is that what really happened? This author has discovered some major problems with his story. Connally was the man who convinced JFK to include Dallas on the Texas trip. Like the Judas Goat he made it out alive. Since Connally's body was never examined, researcher John Onesti questions whether he was even hit.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Under A Black Obelisk: What Secrets lie in the grave of John Connally?

Photo (R) courtesy of Wikipedia

An eerie black obelisk stands guard over the grave of John and Nellie Connally. Could secrets to the JFK assassination lie beneath?

Is it possible that those in and around the Presidential limousine were involved in the assassination of President Kennedy? If so, could it be that Governor John Connally was never hit and that what occurred in the limousine was planned and staged? Were the "surgeries" performed on the Governor that day cosmetic in nature? If so, Governor Connally's body might provide some answers. Researcher John Onesti believes Connally was never hit and that if the body was exhumed it may be possible to prove that the assassination was not only a conspiracy but an inside job.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Secret Service Stand down explained by researcher Vince Palamara

Vince Palamara clears up the confusion about which Secret Service agent(s) were called off the Presidential limousine by supervisor Emory Roberts. This is just one of many examples he has of how the Secret Service stood down on 11/22/1963 and allowed the assassination to take place. Read Palamara's book Survivor's Guilt for extensive evidence.
Vince Palamara's book Survivor's Guilt has forever changed the way the JFK assassination will be perceived. In it he proves not only negligence on the part of the Secret Service, but a stand down at Love Field and in the plaza and then a subsequent cover up. Over 70 agents are interviewed in the work.
Above: A bewildered Secret Service agent Don Lawton pulled off JFK's limousine at Love Field only 30 minutes before the assassination. It is just one of the important discoveries in Vince Palamara's book Survivor's Guilt.
Vince Palamara's site

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Secret Service Stand down at Love Field

Watch video as supervisor Emory Roberts calls agent Don Lawton off of JFK's limousine. Roberts was later given a highly coveted political position in the LBJ administration. This was an unprecedented and eyebrow raising promotion. Secret Service agents are supposed to be apolitical. Onesti calls the promotion unethical and suspicious. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dr Lance Moore analyzes LBJ's strange behavior in Dealey Plaza

In this video researcher and author Dr. Lance Moore raises many questions including LBJ's strange behavior in Dealey Plaza. His latest book Killing JFK is highly recommended. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Dr. Robert McClelland interview

An interesting video of an interview with Dr. Robert McClelland a Parkland Doctor who worked on President Kennedy. Pay particular attention to what he has to say from about 15:00-17:00

Saturday, January 31, 2015

JFK's Left Temple Wound: Go to these Websites for Information

JFK's Left Temple Wound

This website details JFK's left temple wound and has footnotes at the bottom:
Wounds to the Left of JFK's Head?

Here is a link to the Warren Report Volume 6 starting on page 48. See also page 51 and more in volume 6 for the wound they don't want you to question.

Was the left temple the location of the fatal head shot?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Marilyn Monroe and the Kennedys?

Much has been written about Marilyn Monroe and the Kennedy brothers. Is there any evidence, other than rumors or hearsay that would suggest that Monroe was more than a friend? Instead, could she have been giving the Kennedy's information about JFK's enemies in Hollywood and the media? Was her murder an attempt to frame RFK?

An interesting fact that is overlooked by many researchers is that John Connally's son-in-law, Robert Allen Hale, was observed by FBI officials breaking into the L.A. apartment of Judith Exner Campbell. Who was was Judith? Another so-called mistress to President Kennedy. Exner, like Monroe, was probably an information carrier to the president and liaison between Sam Giancana and JFK. Two days before the Exner apartment break in, who died? - Marilyn Monroe.

Furthering the pattern was the murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer, the ex-wife of CIA Operation Mockingbird chief Cord Meyer. Mary was also said to be JFK's mistress. She was most likely bringing him information about Operation Mockingbird. CIA counterintelligence chief, James Angleton, was seen in her apartment looking for her diary. Why?

One question the media can't seem to answer is if all the stories about JFK's dalliances are true why is it that with DNA technology no illegitimate JFK love children haven't appeared from the woodwork? That's because it's all rumors. Rumors designed to "dirty up" JFK in a very sophisticated manner.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Operation Mockingbird: Mission- Dirty Up JFK - Repeat lies and Convince Public with Mind Control

Does the above photo of President Truman and Lauren Bacall "prove" Truman was a playboy? No it doesn't but when JFK is pictured with a beautiful woman, such as Marilyn Monroe, the public has been trained to believe that the relationships were sexual.

Stephen Mark Brown
A young LBJ
Pictured above right is Stephen Mark Brown (1949-1990). the alleged legitimate son of LBJ.  Learn more here Brown died before he was able to prove his claim in court, but his resemblance to LBJ leaves little doubt about what the outcome would have been.

Why does the media use a double standard when it comes to JFK and LBJ? There is no hard evidence of JFK being unfaithful, only repeatitive lies. Read the book 'Texas in the Morning' by Madeline Duncan Brown for more information.

Friday, January 23, 2015

JFK Donated Salary to Charity While Jackie Spent Money on Clothing

President Kennedy was perhaps the most generous president's in US history. For years he donated his political salary to charity. This was at time when Charities were not so top heavy. In contrast, his wife Jackie, spent money at a unbridled pace; mostly on clothes. According to her secretary and bookkeeper, Mary Barelli Gallagher, in 1961 Jackie's spending totaled $105,446 and in 1962 it was $121,461. Keep in mind that was at time when the higher tax brackets were about 80% - therefore to have $120,000 in after-tax money an individual would have to earn upward of $600,000 or better. According to Gallagher, there were major arguments between President Kennedy and his wife over Jackie's uncontrollable spending, as well as her fidelity (see Gore Vidal's memoir Palimpsest for more about the first lady's dalliances).

* see My Life with Jacqueline Kennedy, Mary Barelli Gallagher 1970

(pg 227 of Gallagher's book detailing Jackie's spending)

Was Jackie a money grubber?
** $121,461 dollars in 1962 would be about $937,953 in 2014 dollars.
** $600,000 dollars in 1962 would be about $4.6 million in 2014 dollars.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jackie Kennedy - A woman of class or a thief?

Was Jackie Kennedy as classy as many people think? Read the following account of her stealing a gold cigarette lighter from a wealthy host's home. Nobody believed the host until the cigarette lighter turned up later at a Sotheby's auction after Jackie's death.

Above: Jackie and Aristotle Onassis whom she married in 1968 after the death of RFK. People often forget that, much to the chagrin of JFK and RFK, the "classy" Jackie went on a Greek cruise on Onassis' yacht the Christina in October of 1963, just a month before her husband's assassination.

Robert David Lion Gardiner, a wealthy socialite known as the Lord of Manor observed Jackie stealing his wife's gold cigarette lighter at a dinner party in his home. Few believed Gardiner until the lighter turned up years later at a Sotheby's auction after Jackie's death.

For more information on this topic see: Jackie and the gold cigarette lighter
Also see C. David Heymann's book Bobby and Jackie for an account of this incident.  

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

George de Mohrenschildt - Jackie's "Uncle George"

In addition to being a geologist and petroleum engineer, the mysterious George de Mohrenschildt dated Janet Bouvier (Jackie Kennedy's mother) and was referred to as "Uncle George" by Jackie (then 9 years old) and her younger sister Lee. Decades later de Mohrenschildt befriended Lee Harvey Oswald (about a year before the assassination) and also worked for oil man Clint Murchison and Aristotle Onassis on their project in Haiti. Adding to the Russian's intriguing connections was that he was associated with Allen Dulles, "friends" with George H.W. Bush as well as Abraham Zapruder. Thought by many to be one of Oswald's CIA handlers, he later died a mysterious death.

de Mohrenschildt - Jackie - Oswald - Onassis - Murchison - Bush - Dulles - Zapruder - Janet Bouvier - Ruth Paine...On and on... 

Click here for more on George de Mohrenschildt